Victoria Kid’s Hack Jam

Our event sharing  site from Victoria Kids Hack Jam – Hackasaurus!    A partcipating event of the Mozilla Summer of Code.

On June 23rd (the first day of Summer of Code) we gathered 30 kids, 30 computers and 8 volunteers for a few hours of fun hacking the web.  We discussed how hacking is really just ‘tinkering’ and changing the web to make something new and unique.  Our goal is to show kids that they can direct and make technology. We used Mozilla Webmaking tools:  Hacksaurus and Thimble.  We put together a Mozilla puzzle as an icebreaker.  Like a puzzle, the web is made up of many pieces!

Molly & Teagan with the finished puzzle

Some of the kid’s work can be found on the menu under ‘Kids Hacking Handywork’ , and photos under Hacking Gallery. We could not have done this without our fantastic volunteers!

Some Thank yous!

To our Kind Host:  The University of Victoria, for donation without cost of their beautiful computer lab!


To our dedicated, and brilliant volunteers:

  • @clintlalonde  ~ Brilliant organizer, Royal Roads Ed Tech guru
  • @sleslie ~ BC Campus  / Ed Tech  guru
  • @evolt ~ Firefox developer (fanastic role model for kids)
  • @hele_tomato ~ Instructional Design genius  / Interned at Hive NYC (and my new colleague at RRU)
  • Elaine Haddad  ~ Grade 4 Sooke School Teacher extraordinaire
  • Cathy  ~  IBM developer  and smart person
  • @carloschiarella  ~ Crazy-smart Software Engineer at RRU
  • @sunnydeveloper ~  me 🙂  Software Engineer at RRU, Mozillian, Mom to 3

We also had one volunteer just ‘turn up’ when he heard about our event, and I apologize that I forgot your name!

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